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Our goal is to create a strong foundation for your brand, leverage the power of purpose, and develop a meaningful connection with your audience.

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We are on a mission to design a compassionate world where people, companies, and the planet thrive.

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We develop beautiful brands with a powerful essence, purpose, and soul. We create brand experiences that engage all senses, elevate thoughts, and evoke emotions.



Elevate Your Brand with Tailored Design Expertise
 Embrace the power of continuous creativity with our exclusive graphic design retainer. Designed for businesses seeking relentless graphic design support, our retainer model guarantees a personal graphic designer committed to understanding and elevating your brand’s aesthetic.

Versatile Design Hours, Your Way
 Our retainer offers a predefined set of design hours each month, adaptable to a wide array of projects. Whether it’s refreshing your website, crafting captivating social media graphics, designing impactful print materials and packaging, or creating an engaging new campaign – your design hours flex to fit your needs. Opt for a major revamp or distribute your hours across various smaller tasks; the choice is yours, ensuring alignment with your strategic business objectives.

Bespoke Support, Aligned with Your Vision
 With our dedicated designer at your side, experience a seamless journey from concept to completion. They work in harmony with your vision, providing expert guidance and innovative solutions tailored to your unique brand identity. This collaborative approach not only enhances your visual presence but also strengthens your brand’s message across all platforms.

Maximize Impact, Minimize Hassle
 Our retainer model is more than just convenience – it’s a strategic partnership. By having a skilled designer readily available, you bypass the typical delays of hiring freelancers or briefing new team members. This means faster turnaround times, consistent quality, and a design language that evolves with your brand.

Tailored Flexibility, Endless Possibilities
From launching a new product to revamping your corporate identity, our retainer adapts to your evolving needs. It’s the perfect blend of flexibility and consistency, ensuring your brand remains visually compelling and ahead of the curve.

Ready to transform your brand’s visual narrative with our Graphic Design Retainer?
Let’s create something extraordinary together!




Fixed monthly investment
10% discount
10 hours per month
Monthly time report
Priority service for projects
Portal access



Fixed monthly investment
15% discount 
25 hours per month
Monthly time report
Priority service for projects
Portal access
Strategy consultations
Additional services



Fixed monthly investment
20% discount
52 hours per month
Monthly time report
Priority service for projects
Portal access
Strategy consultations
Additional services
Zoom meetings


Custom Project Payment


How does a graphic design retainer work?

Envision our graphic design retainer as your exclusive key to a treasure trove of creativity. It’s not merely a transaction; it’s akin to holding a season pass to an elite gallery of artistic expertise. This retainer isn’t about paying for piecemeal services; it’s about unlocking an ongoing, privileged access to a realm of design brilliance.

Picture this: Just as a master key opens any door in a grand estate, our retainer fee ensures you have unrestricted access to the pinnacle of design talent. Your projects don’t just join a queue; they become the centerpiece of our attention, with your preferred designer acting as your personal artistic curator, dedicated to crafting visual masterpieces that resonate with your brand’s identity.

In this partnership, we reserve our prime creative hours exclusively for you, much like a VIP reservation at a top-tier restaurant, ensuring you always have the best table, the finest service, and an experience tailored to your exact preferences.

Imagine the peace of mind, knowing that your graphic design needs are not just met but anticipated and catered to with a blend of artistry and precision. Our retainer is more than a service; it’s an assurance of continuous, high-caliber creative collaboration, akin to having an in-house artist at your beck and call.

Step into a world where your brand’s visual narrative is continually nurtured and evolved by a dedicated professional. With our graphic design retainer, you’re not just investing in designs; you’re investing in a creative journey that keeps your brand visually compelling and perpetually ahead of the curve.

What type of services can be used in the Graphic Designer Retainer?

Our Wide Range of Graphic Design Services is Tailored to Every Facet of Your Brand’s Needs, Ensuring a Distinct and Impactful Presence in Today’s Competitive Market.

Brand Identity Design
Craft a unique brand identity with our customized logo design, brand guidelines, and corporate branding solutions. We create a cohesive visual language that resonates with your audience and embodies your brand’s values.

Print Design Services
Elevate your print media with our innovative designs for brochures, collaterals, flyers, posters, and packaging. Our print designs are not just visually appealing but also strategically crafted to communicate your message effectively.

Digital and Web Graphics
 Enhance your online presence with eye-catching website designs, social media graphics, banners, and email templates. Our digital designs are optimized for engagement, ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms.

Advertising and Marketing Materials: Drive your marketing campaigns with compelling ad designs, promotional materials, and visual content for both online and offline marketing. From billboards to digital ads, we create impactful designs that capture attention and encourage action.

Illustration and Custom Artwork: Bring a unique flair to your projects with custom illustrations, infographics, and artistic elements. Whether for editorial content, product visuals, or creative campaigns, our bespoke artwork sets your brand apart.

UI/UX Design
 Enhance user experience with our UI/UX design services for websites and applications. Focused on usability and aesthetic appeal, we create interfaces that are intuitive, engaging, and aligned with your brand identity.

Motion Graphics and Animation
 Add dynamism to your brand’s story with motion graphics and animations. Ideal for explainer videos, digital ads, and interactive content, our motion designs are crafted to captivate and inform.

Event and Trade Show Design
Make a lasting impression at events and trade shows with our custom booth designs, signage, and event collateral. Our designs ensure your brand stands out in crowded spaces.

Editorial Design
We specialize in layout and design for magazines, books, reports, and other publications, combining visual appeal with readability to enhance the reader’s experience.

Environmental and Signage Design
Create an immersive brand experience with our environmental graphics and signage design, perfect for office spaces, retail environments, and public spaces.

Social Media Design
 Amplify your social media presence with our targeted social media design services. From profile imagery to post graphics and story designs, we ensure your social media channels reflect your brand’s voice and visual identity, engaging your audience effectively.

Note: While our services are comprehensive, we maintain a flexible approach to accommodate specific requests and unique projects. Partner with us for a seamless, creative journey that takes your brand’s visual narrative to new heights.

What does the 3-Month Minimum Commitment entail?

Our Graphic Design Retainer is structured around a 3-month minimum commitment to ensure a fruitful and impactful collaboration. At the end of this period, we will undertake a comprehensive review of your package. This evaluation allows us to fine-tune our services, ensuring that the number of allocated hours aligns perfectly with your evolving design needs.

What happens to unused hours at the end of each month?

To maintain an efficient and dedicated service, unused hours expire at the end of each month. This policy ensures we can allocate sufficient time for your projects every week and effectively plan our overall workload. It encourages a focused approach to utilizing the design services within the designated time frame.

Are there any services or costs not included in the retainer?

It’s important to note that the retainer does not cover additional costs like stock photography, special fonts, or subscriptions. Moreover, some services are not included in the retainer package but can be availed of separately.



  • You represent raw creativity and boundless enthusiasm. You understood that we wanted to make a statement about commitment to society and helped us communicate it effectively. The website you created is phenomenal.

    Marketing Director, Ubiquity Brands
  • Very grateful for the absolutely stellar job you did, within extremely tight timing. It was truly outstanding work.

    Marketing Director, Black and Decker
  • We had a very positive experience working with you. The end result was a fantastic product that represented our vision. Everyone we worked with was extremely helpful and considering the extreme timeline we had, it was amazing to get such fantastic results. We would absolutely work with your staff again and recommend it to colleagues

    Managing Partner, SGP
  • Very grateful for the absolutely stellar job you did, within extremely tight timing. It was truly outstanding work. We have achieved a very striking presentation of our brand. We have managed to get an attractive design that is translated into various communication means in a very consistent way. That is very important to us. You have a very professional way of working and a flexible attitude.

    VP, FIdes
  • We really forged an alliance and a partnership with your agency. I have searched high and low for an agency like ND… Going to the next level in these social spaces with depth and innovation. You really take this to a different level.

    VP of Marketing, Caesarstone
  • Every time I see the new Biophilia CEU, I marvel at its beauty. It is by far the most beautiful presentation I have ever seen! Our whole team applauds your work.
    VP, Lamin-Art
  • Your dream team was able to capture the iconic Pee-wee Herman and brand his website, into an award-winning, gorgeous, seamless online playground for tens of thousands of loyal fans while integrating social media and Pee-wee’s E-commerce needs… and did I mentioned this was all accomplished on budget and in record time. Amazing and fantastic!
    President of Business Affairs, Herman World
  • We have been very pleased with your work on our two big projects. Our relationship has been good, mainly because you listen to what we want to accomplish and come up with creative approaches to achieve those objectives. We also appreciate your commitment to our cause — ending polio worldwide. You have gone the extra distance to help us in our effort to end this disease, which we greatly appreciate.

    Marketing Director, Rotary
  • Everyone who has seen the site, including all of our employees, thinks it looks fabulous. All of Altair, are very excited for us to take on this huge upgrade to our online presence, with a look and functionality that we can really be proud of. Thank you for all of your efforts.
    Marketing Director,Altair Advisers


We’re honored to have received well-known awards and noteworthy press for our design and branding work.

Select Awards:
The Addy Awards
Summit International Awards
Architectural Record Awards
W3 Awards
American Design Awards
Communicator Awards
Interactive Media Awards
Telecom Marketing Awards
Hermes Creative Awards
Davey Awards