We supported Gerflor with US market introduction. Gerflor is a global manufacturer of flooring, but they had relatively low brand awareness in the US. Gerflor looked to our team to help establish their long-standing, international Gerflor brand in the US market and drive sales by connecting their strategy with effective design and marketing tactics.

Brand Activation

To help insert Gerflor in the minds of designers, we created a new Gerflor USA story which helped solidify strategic brand positioning that differentiated Gerflor from their direct competitors

We designed and produced three architectural binders targeting the healthcare, wellness, and sports industries: Mipolam Medical, Taraflex, and Recreation.  With each collection, our team designed and produced product binders that included new visuals of US installations, as well as enhanced key messages that better highlighted the features, benefits, and differentiators of Gerflor floors. Each flooring collection’s key messaging was focused on the top priorities of designers in the industry. Mipolam Medical, for example, focused on sustainability, germ resistance, and cleanliness. Taraflex, on the other hand, focused on supreme athletic performance, branded colors, and athlete safety.

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